Monday, June 11, 2007

Sopranos Update: Thank you Commenters!

In a comment from DamianPBNJ, we find this link, pretty much putting to rest the bathroom guy as Nikki Leotardo idea. Thanks much for the insight.

Wasn't there an NBA Finals game last night?


Anonymous said...

The ending once he's in the booth is obviously some sort of dream/fantasy sequence, note the costume change from when he's standing, scanning the room, looking straight ahead at the tables.

Next shot is Tony already in the booth, wearing a different shirt and no jacket.

The Chris Kopech said...

I just watched it and I'm with you on the dream/fantasy thing, but the jacket is on the booth next to him and I'm pretty sure he's wearing the same shirt.

Anonymous said...

He's not wearing the same shirt, the shirt is two-tone and has a black collar sitting at the table, standing up facing other direction it clearly is a solid-colored shirt and has a gray/slate collar -- it's obviously different on my/your TiVo.

You are right about the jacket.

The 'unidentified black males' obviously refers to the phony story Tony made up about when he had his panic attack and Tony B [Buscemi] got nabbed by the cops that night.

The Chris Kopech said...

I'll have to watch it again, for the fourth time. I could have sworn it was the same.

Hells_Satans said...

Songs clearly visible on the jukebox
Those were the Days
Only the strong SURVIVE
I gotta be me/A lonely place
This magic moment
Who will you run to
Magic Man [LIVE]
and Journey, of course.

The 'Any Way You Want It' is key in that it's open-ended but Tony is alive. The song highlighted last is actually "I Gotta Be Me" which is obviously Chase's warning about what's coming.

Hells_Satans said...

Just see that the initial collar color is not black, and clearly is later. Many other people have commented on the shirt change, I am not the first.

The Chris Kopech said...

Jed, one of the posters here, says it's a different shirt. So I'm either blind, drunk or both. Gotta be a dream sequence, then.

Anonymous said...

(12/10/02) Last two were a courtesy Lil' Paulie and Benny. Two black guys who had to keep their mouths shut. I am sure Chris was very happy to dispose of them. All those cracks about his heroin problem were really pissing him off. It was a beautiful hit under the bridge.

Anonymous said...


Tony's wearing a black collar when he enters the diner and wears the same black collar at the table. THERE IS NO COSTUME CHANGE.

Brian said...
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Anonymous said...

The shirt is not two tone when he sits down, it's just the way the light hits it... you people want to see something so badly that you make yourself believe it.

The Chris Kopech said...

ya, it's the same shirt.

still thinking it is a dream seq, or fantasy, hence the weird cut (see

Don Cheadle said...

Watched this scene like 15 times last night. It's the same shirt. When Tony walks in to the restaurant you cannot see the color of his shirt collar. You CAN very briefly see that the shirt is two-toned. It's the same shirt.

Although I will agree that the way it's cut implies that Tony is looking at himself. I think it was purposely ambiguous, as was the tone of the entire scene and last cut to black, obviously.