Sunday, November 11, 2007

I feel sick all over...

Maybe it's the fact that I had to work for 12 hours yesterday.  Maybe it's the cold General Tso's I had when I got back from said 12-hour shift.  Maybe it's the fact that my TiVo is filled with old episodes of Scrubs and Family Guy, all of which I've seen about 700 times each.

But more than anything, it's probably that, due mostly to the last three years, I'm nowhere near used to watching Ohio State lose a regular season game.  Let alone at home or on Senior Day or to Ron Fucking Zook.

Surely, this is not the Michigan Week we intended at the beginning of the season...

To date, the Tressel Vessel has now been out-coached with better talent on the field twice.  Both to assholes who either coach or used to coach Dan Shanoff's "best three-loss team in the history of everything" Florida.  And both in games where there was surefire national title implications on the line.  Perhaps it's karmic payback for beating Illinois in basketball when they were unbeaten and #1 a few years ago.  That's not for me to know.

Anyway, this sucks out loud for all Buckeye fans, but in theory it's better than the alternative - getting waxed in a championship game to another SEC team.  Or Oregon or Oklahoma (that was quite the alliteration).  Now it's Michigan, a Big Ten title and a Rose Bowl on the line.

But I will say this: if one copy editor has the gall to use the "Ohio State gets Juiced" headline, I'm coming the fuck after them.

And also - I give JTBI mild dap for his new rendition of Carmen Ohio - "How firm they friendship...Citrus Bowl".  Outback Bowl would also have worked.  I'll counter with, "Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame... Raise up the echoes, just win one game [all year against a dismal UCLA Team]".  Maybe not as catchy, but what, these days, is?