Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nothing like some SEC basketball in Atlanta--HOLY SH*T THE SKY IS FALLING!

By now it's common knowledge that the SEC tournament was interrupted by severe weather, to the extent that the game was delayed for and hour or so.  Thankfully, no one was hurt and the game continued.  Loser with Socks  has the video of the game and what happened in real time.  Having been to the Georgia Dome for a big tournament (the one where Ohio State beat Florida to win the NCAA Championship*) there probably isn't a worse place to be trapped where the sky is falling.  So, yeah, the whole ordeal is pretty fucking scary, far as I'm concerned.

So now, because of the delay, the winner of Kentucky and Georgia's game (at press in OT, believe it or not) will play the seldom seen day-night doubleheader in the SEC.  And if you're one of the retarded Wildcat fans in the country, then that's pretty fucking scary, too.

* may not be 100% accurate

Friday, March 14, 2008

TSE lies dormant, much like Seaward's c*** 13 months out of the year

And I'm sick of seeing that fucking picture of LSU on the top of the page.  Let's change that up, shall we?

That's better.  I love the body paint portion of the swimsuit edition.  Is she naked?  Is she clothed?  Who cares - I'd still glaze that thing like a donut.

More biting, if not mildly retarded sports commentary in the near (read: far) future.