Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Morning After on TSE - 6.13.2007

It was a good run...
Without some miracle luck and, you know, injuries to the "Big Three" and games 6 and 7 being played at the Q, the Finals will end after game 4. The Spurs played with an anticipated level of mediocrity but were able to put the Cavs away and build up a double-digit lead, insurmountable as it turns out, for LeBron and friends. The Cavs had a shot at the end (two, in fact) but Varejao and LeBron (a twisting, ten-footer the former, and a long-range three the latter...and how was Varejao NOT fouled on his? Jesus, I hate the NBA) could not put the biscuit in the basket and that was all she wrote. The final from Cleveland: 75-72 Spurs.

Give Cleveland and their fans credit for coming out with energy to spare (the player intros were, in Jed's humble words, orgasmic). And with Larry Hughes sitting for the entire game, Boobie Gibson taking his place in the starting lineup, things probably began to look up for the Cavs, who led for a good portion of the first half before San Antonio scored at the buzzer to go up 2 at halftime. That'll leave a bitter taste in your mouth and it is exactly what Cleveland needed to avoid.

In the end, we'll all realize that the Spurs are who we thought they were - a team that can play more than well enough to make the playoffs year in and year out, only to kick it into 7th gear once they get there. And as long as Parker, Ginobili and Duncan are there, which should see out this decade...let's just say that dynasty is probably the most apropos of words.

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