Friday, June 15, 2007

Curt Schilling - Pitcher by Day, Blogger by Night!

I'm a Red Sox fan and, let's face it, without Curt Schilling there probably wouldn't have been a 2004 World Series Championship. And I think Curt's Pitch for ALS is a really great charitable endeavour (please don't sue me now). But his approach to the media leaves plenty to be desired, especially his addition to this, the ol' blogosphere.

After getting Schelled (zinger) by the humble Rockies in his last start, let's see what #38 has to say to his adoring fans. Also, this is not a response to Boston Globe fucktard Dan Shaughnessey's (I don't care if I misspelled his name) article about, but a parody of Schilling and his blog. Danny boy can go piss up a rope.

38 Pitches
Curt Schilling's Official Blog

6/13/2007 Vs. Colorado
June 14th by Curt Schilling

Hmmm. This was a truly puzzling start. I mean, I figured after I go one batter away from throwing my first career no-no that that no one would even swing the bat this time around. But I was way off. Everyone got a hit off me. Even the pitcher, and we were playing AT FENWAY! Not my best night...

Things are getting far too interesting in the AL East nowadays. I mean we used to have this 14 game lead over someone other than the Yankees but now our lead is down lower than President Bush's approval rating (but I'm still voting for him!) and they can't lose.

I think that if more people took my approach to the Yankees, they would not be able to win as much as they do. Like I said during the 2001, everything about the Aura and Mystique of Yankee Stadium is complete garbage - in fact I thought those were exotic dancers (that quote still kills me, even now). So why is it that people can't just listen to me and read my blog? Then they'll know exactly how to win at "The Stadium". Major League ballplayers can be trying sometimes...

Just as an aside, I'm not a fan of exotic dancing, in fact, I think that the proprietors of said clubs should probably seek help for themselves and for their patrons. There are so many better things to do.

But as for the start, I don't know where to begin (start and begin - great wordplay by me...certainly better than anything I pitched with 2 outs). I couldn't get anyone out when I had to and they scored a lot of runs with 2 gone in the inning. That kills my defense and it sunk our team. The home run that Hawpe hit pretty much did it for us. 'Tek came up after trying to calm me down and said, "anything hit that far should have a goddamn stewardess on it". I think he's still pissed that I shook him off last week.

Well, that'll do it for today. OH! A quick plug...I'm on now* trying to spread the good word about Curt's Pitch for ALS so everyone friend me. But can we please tone down the poking? That's getting annoying.

*(GOCM: yes I'm aware that the facebook thing is fake)

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