Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sad news for a former RedHawk

Some sad news about former Miami RedHawks Head Football coach Terry Hoeppner, who, as we all know, is fighting brain cancer. Cobra Brigade (by way of Deadspin) tells us that things may have taken a more dire turn than any of us could ever want.

In late February of 2007, Hoeppner attended a luncheon in Indianapolis and delivered a speech. It was the last time he was seen as a public figure. In March he delivered a press release that he would not be attending the spring game because his recovery demanded the time away. As the spring has passed, IU has gotten closer to the September 1st opener against Indiana State, tension has been growing.
The article (linked above) is very in depth and very good.
Having watched Hep coach for two impressive seasons as a student at Miami, coaching Big Ben (celebrating a full year without any helmet-free motorcycle injuries!), a 13-1 season and consecutive bowl berths, I can't help but think of how unfair it is for a great guy like Hep to be stricken as he is. He was already en route to starting a turn around at IU, but I'm sure there are more important things for he and his family to consider now. It kind of makes sports, the theme on which this blog was created, an afterthought. Regardless, all the best to Hep and his family.


An aside, since we're sort of talking about Miami (OH) Football: Jed and I are RedHawks, Paul is an OU Bobcat, so the three of us have something in common: we all got into OU (Oh! Snap!!)

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