Friday, June 15, 2007

The Morning After on TSE - 6.15.2007

Judd Apatow must be a Cavs fan (poor bastard).

After I tried to watch a quarter of the Cavs/Spurs "game" I gave up and finally saw "Knocked Up". Outstanding. Funnier than a Spurs sweep, a now soul-crushingly close 7.5 game lead in the AL East and the trash can begging me to take Seth Rogen's advice and yack my hangover away. And funnier than "Old School" and "Anchorman", but still behind "40 Year Old Virgin", which I realize I'll take some flack for, but every guy has a different order for these four movies (five if you add Dodgeball, which I don't). If you haven't seen it, stop reading this, go see it and come back, otherwise this won't make any sense.

After the movie got out, I started thinking about how LeBron no longer has to deal with a knocked up girlfriend. I also thought about Seth Rogen's friends and LeBron's supporting cast who, it seems, are eerily similar. Allow me to go into detail.

Ben (Seth Rogen) = LeBron James (this should makes sense even if you didn't see it)

Jay (Jay Baruchel) = Larry Hughes (he's always there, always annoying and easily forgetable...and probably couldn't hit a jumper if he wanted to)

Barry (Jonah Hill) = Anderson Varejao (good for a one-liner and is a genuinely funny character but could have been a lot better if used more effectively)

Jason (Jason Segel) = Daniel Gibson (quietly, this newcomer goes ahead and steals whatever of the show isn't taken up by the likes of Ben (LeBron) and you can tell he's just itching for a bigger role)

Martin (Martin Starr) = Drew Gooden (no other reason than both of them have a hairstyle (ever seen the vertebrae toupee* on Gooden?) that must be the result of a bet or a lost bet).


As you can see, it's a slow day already. US Open update, retrospective on the Cavs, breaking news and maybe even a visit from friend Curt Schilling all today on the TSE. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hey I liked Jay. Maybe that's because I like How I Met Your Mother. Couldn't you have made him someone more tolerable like Eric Snow?

Ghost of Carl Monday said...

I had to sneak Hughes in there somewhere.