Saturday, June 16, 2007

3AM Fun with Google Image Search: Tim Hasslebeck

Hey, who else blogs for you at 3AM? Nobody but TSE, that's who. I am bored and still awake, waiting for Larry King Live to come on at 3AM (the guest is Al Pacino). And I was thinking: how much does Tim Hasselbeck's life suck? He has a wife that goes on TV everyday and makes a damn fool of herself, and he is an NFL quarterback, but still isn't the greatest active quarterback at his Thanksgiving dinner table. Pathetic. Then, I decided to Google Image him, so that I could have a picture of him... to tell the story. Boy, did I luck out. The first picture:

Buddy. You are an NFL quarterback and you can't get a picture of your own as your first pick. What a freaking disgrace. But just wait, it gets better. Second picture:

Dude, this is a picture of Jason Sehorn and Sam Waterston's daughter! You sir, are nowhere to be found in this picture. If someone had no idea who you were and they google imaged you, they would think you are either you, or Jason Sehorn. You need to go on a drug binge or something, tackle Eli Manning during a game, do SOMETHING so that the second picture of you on google images isn't someone else. Third pic:

Chief. This is your wife, your daughter, and YOUR BROTHER. Do you see what this picture is insinuating? You are not even a big enough name to be recognized for giving life to another human being. The fourth pic can't be any worse, can it?

Someone put this guy on suicide watch.

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