Friday, June 15, 2007

Update: 2007 US Open Update: Round 2

Update: Angel Cabrera is unimpressed with your pithy little Oakmont course. He's your leader as we aproach the allmighty 5:00pm (when I finally get to go home). Stephen Ames and David Toms are also having splendid rounds today. Everyone else is falling apart right now and the cut is still at +10, but with scores going up, it's looking like Tits McLephty may yet play golf this weekend...Tiger is +2 on his round today but still lurking in the tall grass, waiting to trample and disembowel whomever remains (read: he's still probably going to win this whole thing on Saturday and Sunday, as so many prognosticators


Sean O'Hair has some serious running to do. Currently, through 17 holes of "golf" he's en route to a gentleman's 80. 80. That's a large number, among several on the board today. Here's your leaderboard (as of posting) and some other notable rounds that didn't put it in my fantasy golf league pooper. (Full, updating leaderboard here)

1. Nick Dougherty - E (+2 today, through 7)
1. Ben Curtis - E (-1, 5)
1. Niclas Fasth - E (-1, 2)
4. Bubba Watson - +1 (+1, 8)
4. Pablo Martin - +1 (E, 5)
4. El Tigre - +1 (E, 5)
4. David Toms - +1 (-1, 4)
38. Jim Furyk - +6 (F)
61. Zach Johnson - +8 (+2, 6)

The Cut is looking like +10 right now, which means the following players can probably go ahead and buy some Pirates tickets for the weekend.

Phil Mickelson (+11 at least he hasn't gone off of any man-made structures yet.), Stewart Cink (+12), Sean O'effhimself (+13), Adam Scott (+18!!!), Jacob Rogers (+28, low man on the totem pole).

Tiger's within striking distance (my least favorite golf metaphor), which could spell trouble for everybody else. And what the hell is (Ostrander, OH native) Ben Curtis doing on page 1 of another major? I would have put dollars to donuts he would be fighting for a card in Q-school by now. One of these weeks, I'm going to pick him and he's going to go ahead and fall in a ditch, drown in a creek, get attacked by a barracuda and then dragged off by a mountain lion. That's the kind of power I have in jinxing golfers for my fantasy league.

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