Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The State of TSE - The Stupidity Stops Here.

The following is the first in a sporadic series of "State of TSE" posts that we will do in order to help moderate the goings on of this blog. This post is authored by Ghost of Carl Monday.

In case you haven't noticed (and judging by your attendance, you haven't) there's been quite an argument going on between The Sports Elitists, et. al. and some commenters and I, as one of the contributors to this site, would like to address this. I do not speak for Jed or Paul but I know they have my back in what is about to be typed.

This site exists for the sole purpose of providing a forum for our own brand of sports commentary and analysis and the posts, in most cases, typically reflect genuine views on different aspects of the sports world as well as our own hysterical brand of humor. The opinions voiced herein are just those: opinions. We like to think that our reader(s) can distinguish when we are kidding around and when we are writing meaningful (we hope) analysis.

That said, when Jed posted about Brett Bielema a week ago, it was meant as the latter, while his post about Wisconsin sucking out loud was mainly a stab at humor (though he stands by and on his words). Since then, the commenters on this site have taken up a jihad against all of us for our opinions.

We're big boys here at TSE and we can take whatever the hell you want to dish at us but do us a favor and save your energy trying to attack us on any level grammatically, socially, educationally or otherwise. You will not win. We will never moderate comments on this site* but if you think you can be the biggest bully in the blogosphere on this site then save your time and effort. You won't be. For the most part, if you are going to comment on the content of an entry, we appreciate that and will generally respond in kind. But if not, then you can promptly find a rope and piss up it. We do not have time to suffer fools here.

Just so you know.

(*unless more people from Wisconsin decide to comment here)

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