Wednesday, June 27, 2007

[Redacted], News and Views No. 1

Sometimes I have plenty of scattered thoughts about the world of sports that I'd like to share but really don't deserve their own blog post. So today I decided to completely rip off pay homage to the great Larry King's "People, News and Views" segment with a semi-regular feature I'll be calling "[Redacted], News and Views." Catchy, ain't it?

  • Will any team in the NFL take a chance on Tank Johnson? I don't even think the Bengals would give him a one-year deal at this point.

  • Andy Roddick looked hungry and focused this morning. I'm not saying he's going to win, but I will say he could drum up some interest on the men's side with a run at the Wimbledon final.

  • Is last night's 9th inning 2-out 2-run double a sign that Travis Hafner is coming out of his two-month slump?

  • Bret + Jemaine = Hilarious
  • I may be alone here, but I really like "Flight of the Conchords."

  • Last night's 6pm SportsCenter Die Hard tie-in was a complete joke.

  • I love Deadspin almost unconditionally but their new layout is making me physically ill.

  • Only two picks in the NBA Draft interest me: 1 and 3. Additionally, I'll be turning back to baseball once Mike Conley Jr. is drafted. I may flip back if I hear the Cavaliers buy into the first round.

  • Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce -- none of these players will be traded this offseason.

  • The New York Yankees are 100% unequivocally dead in the water.

  • If ESPN got a TV contract for the Southeast Atlantic League, would they promote single-A baseball games like they do with the AFL (which is clearly the 4th tier of pro football world-wide behind the NFL, CFL and NFL Europe)?

  • The Seattle Mariners are a nice story but will be out of the Wild Card race by the end of August.

  • The way they have all 32 teams' war rooms on the floor at the NHL Draft is pretty freaking cool.

  • It was a bad move by the WWE to try and cover its ass by coming out and saying that steroids played no part in the Chris Benoit murder-murder-suicide.

  • I, too, would throw it to Linda Cohn.

  • Did anyone else notice this morning that the Royals have more wins than the White Sox?


Ghost of Carl Monday said...

Flight of the Conchords is fucking terrible.

Jed DeMuesy said...

im still riding the fence on the Conchords... cosider TSE split