Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cold Pizza: in the news for all the right reasons

This is just becoming news over the AP wire and I am certainly not breaking it, but Woody Paige and Jay Crawford, hosts, annoying assholes and unwatchable sports "pundits" that they are, have been accused of sexual harassment by a former hair stylist and makeup artist for the show "Cold Pizza". The complaint has been denied (of course) by both of the accused but that doesn't make it any less funny.

"[Rita] Ragone, a makeup artist and hair stylist from the Bronx, claimed Paige once grabbed her backside so forcefully, she was "propelled forward and into the air."

I have never really had a problem with Woody's particular brand of "commentary" and I always like it when he and Mariotti make it to the finals of "Around the Horn" so they can bicker and piss and moan and I can fast-forward through it on my TiVo (yes, I TiVo "Around the Horn"). And while this whole thing is interesting, it doesn't sound too surprising. With a name like Woody, wasn't it only a matter of time?

Other questions arise: If Jay Crawford gets fired for this, which is likely the inevitable conclusion if Ms. Ragone is justified in her claims, who would take his place as host of "First Take"? Would anyone notice? Can I grab Dana Jacobson's ass?

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