Thursday, June 28, 2007

NBA Draft from a man who lacks a favorite college basketball team, and a favorite NBA team who didn't have a pick in the entire thing. So, impartial.

Well, watched the first round of the NBA Draft with my good friend and fellow TSE blogger Paul Teeple, we chatted while we watched, and heres how it started:

Paul Teeple (7:34:44 PM): This is The Sports Elitists live blog for the 2007 NBA Draft

Paul Teeple (7:35:10 PM): I'm Paul Teeple who will be commenting on the ESPN broadcast of the draft along with Joe Table Blew It
-- Pretty GD official if you ask me. The first round started as predicted, as Greg Oden and Kevin Durant went one-two to the Blazers and Sonics, respectively. As Oden was drafted Mike Tirico, the host of tonight's proceedings on ESPN, reminded us of an obscure Oden fact morsel:

JTBI (7:38:44 PM): did you know Greg Oden shot free throws left-handed when his right wrist was injured?
Paul Teeple (7:38:49 PM): I had no idea.

--Then, the first big move of the night happened, Ray Allen to the Celtics for the fifth pick (Jeff Green), Delonte West and Wally World. Good trade for the Sonics, if Durant is ready and they resign Rashard Lewis. West gives them options if they choose to move Luke Ridnour, thaking over the role of, "person who lives on the trade block" from Jimmy Jackson.

--The third pick went as expected as well, Al Horford from Florida. This prompted the first of many Jay Bilas brain malfunctions:

JTBI(7:49:36 PM): "I think Al Horford is the most NBA ready right now"
JTBI (7:49:50 PM): thanks Jay, could have left it at NBA ready, we get it
Paul Teeple (7:50:01 PM): you're all about the economy of words
JTBI (7:50:20 PM): well think about it, does this make sense?
JTBI (7:50:38 PM): "I think Al Horford is the most NBA Ready in 7 years"
Paul Teeple (7:50:44 PM): fair point

--There's more from Jay Bilas, and I'm sure Teeple will touch on it as well.
Mike Conley Jr. of Ohio State goes to Memphis, as Teeple and I begin to notice the r-tard that is Joakim Noah:

Paul Teeple (7:52:22): Noah looks like Lisa Bonet from the Cosby Show... what happened to her?

JTBI (7:54:59 PM): wikipedia says... lisa bonet eloped with lenny kravitz on her 20th birthday

Paul Teeple(7:55:06 PM): there's no way that lasted
JTBI (7:55:21 PM): cosby didn't like it, kicked her off of her show and gave her a different world
JTBI (7:55:37 PM): divorced in '93
Paul Teeple (7:55:56 PM): then jasmine guy died and would up on showtime

OK, I'm already sick of managing this live blog, so this is all you get from me now, more tomorrow afternoon. Maybe then the Cavs will have signed some NDFA's

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