Thursday, June 28, 2007

An Open Invitation to Dave Heller


Well, needless to say all of us here at TSE were so surprised and flattered to see that you took such interest in my article about Brett Bielema and how he was able to completely embarrass the late Terry Hoeppner last year in Bloomington. While I have no intention to back down from my position that Bielema unnecessarily hung it on Coach Hep, and that certain ramifications will certainly come to fruition, I would like to move past it.

My esteemed colleague Ghost of Carl Monday took you to task this morning, and boy did that make me laugh. Instead of going down that same hilarious road, I would like to issue a challenge to you, or any of the other people that have decided to viciously attack my opinion on this site.

I love criticism, I actually thrive on it. I love sports so much that I can't stand being wrong, and when I am, I love it when people call me on it. So, if you think I am so unintelligent, let's give you a chance once and for all to prove it, since we seem to be at a stalemate with this whole Bielema issue. Mr. Heller, let's you and I talk 2007 Big Ten football for a half hour or so, with the full transcript appearing here on TSE. It seems to me that you reply to opinions and rarely have a chance to formulate one of your own. Well, here's your chance. I eagerly await your response.


Jed DeMuesy
(Joe Table Blew It)


Ghost of Carl Monday said...

I hope hope hope he talks about the kind of person Hep was and then calls you out on your tone!!!!1!11!!!

Ghost of Carl Monday said...

also, did you e-mail this to him? might better respond if you do.