Friday, June 01, 2007

In My Defense and On The Topic of Last Night's Game 5...

I wasn't asleep, I was watching the game, I had an away message up so as to avoid talking to people while watching the game. I felt it deserved my utmost attention. But I guess I have to only be paying half attention to a game in order to truly enjoy it. I'll try that on for size next time. And I didn't go to sleep until after I watched the highlights about 5 times. Jed: you're an asshole and I'm an admin and I'd just as soon delete your post if not for the picture with the come hither stare 5 o'clock shadow. What can I say: the camera loves it some me.

___________ stuff by LeBron James last night. Fill in the blank with an adjective, if you want; I can't think of any that would be enough to suit the kind of game he had last night. This guy is so special on the court and it amazes me that comparing him to Jordan, THE basketball God, isn't off base at all. In fact, I don't think Michael could have ever had a game like that. Look at the talent he had around him when the Bulls were the best team in the league. Pippen, Rodman, Harper (love and honor), Longley...Too many players doing too much for Michael to even consider having a game like that at such an important time.* LeBron had to score the last 25 or it would have been pretty academic for game 6.

*Yes, Michael did have a similar game (48, 9, 8) but it was in the first round of the playoffs, not in his franchise's most important game...ever.

So we go back to Cleveland on Saturday with a chance for the Cavs to advance to the NBA finals. I don't want to jinx anything, lest I desire the wrath of other Cavs faithful, but how does any team, Detroit, San Antonio, Dallas, any team, come back from a game like that? On the road? Should be interesting.

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