Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So You Think You Know Daniel Gibson...

With all the hubbub about Daniel Gibson on this site today, I thought it best that we take a look at the fellow when he was but a student athlete (who actually went pro in something other than not sports)...

A little better than a year ago, Daniel Gibson was just a young'n at the University of Texas and he was playing a spirited game of hoops against Texas A&M know what, the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

"If you're one of the lucky ones who opened your morning Bryan-College Station Eagle on Thursday and found a large penis staring back at you, well, congratulations. No, it wasn't one of the paper's newer promotions (find the wiener, win a Mexican cruise!), just a goof by an editor who didn't scrutinize the photo quite closely enough."

Here's the link to the story off Warning: some might call this NSFW, but Websense didn't touch it...wherever it is I have at it.

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