Tuesday, May 29, 2007

UPDATED: Quack Quack Quack, Mr. Ducksworth (see bottom of post)

So I get back to...wherever it is I work...after a three day weekend and the first thing I read is Teeple bashing the Mighty Ducks? FOR SHAME! You go to hell, Paul, you go to hell and you die.

Hitting the Ducks (movie version, not real life) like that should be a blog misconduct. I'll leave it for the commenters (all of whom are either me, Paul or Jed) to decide whether or not to drop Teeple like he's a big Icelandic defender and we're Kenny Woo in the second period of the Gold Medal Game.

A few other quips, though, because those movies are ridiculously hard to believe...

*How many roughing/instigation/fighting/boarding/too many men/roping (???)/unsportsmanlike conduct calls would the Bash Bros. (Portman, Reed, Woo and that retarded hick, not too mention Connie Moreau (who looked dynamite in both the Ducks and in "Wet Hot American Summer") have gotten in that second period? Surely Iceland could have scored a bit more in the 5+ minutes left in the period when they all went in the sin bin...

*Like the World Champs to Eden Hall JV squad, how does a Minnesota CITY championship team all get on the NATIONAL roster for the Junior Goodwill Games? Sure, they brought in Julie "The Cat" (!!) Gafney, the retarded hick mentioned above and that cholo from Miami, but still.

*Seriously, how many freakin' Scandanavians does it take to run a skate shop?

*And finally, anyone notice the wonderful cameo by Christina Miller-Lawrence (played Kate in "Drew Carey" and Jordan Sullivan on "Scrubs") as the waitress at Bombay's Bombass party in DII? Deidrich Bader would be proud.

Okay, those movies are bullshit, but I'll put that trilogy up against The Matrix or LOTR (fuck you, Peter Jackson. Next time, trilogy "The Frighteners") any day of the week, any month of the year.

Anyway, I've done nothing today at work so back to it. Remember all you new Ducks and old Ducks:

"Take the fall!
Act hurt!
Fire Teeple!"

Update: This post needed it some pics of Connie Moreau, the ice queen who stole our hearts. She's not a girl; she's a Duck! Quality leaves something to be desired, but Websense sucks, so deal with it and search for yourself. Here's her fan club link; kind of creepy, like something I would make and the members are BATSHIT INSANE! CHECK OUT SOME OF THEIR CREATIVE FICTION ON THE SITE.......THERE'LL BE MORE ON THIS TOMORROW, YOU CAN BET ON THAT.

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Anonymous said...

Let us also not forget Marguerite Moreau's brief role in the 'whatever' ABC drama "What About Brian?" And to be perfectly fair just because the movies are trash it doesn't necessarily disqualify me from having had an ENORMOUS crush on Connie back in middle school.