Monday, May 28, 2007

Live Blog... San Antonio v. Utah Second Half

I figured I would give this a try, just to see how hard/fun it is. I am in SUCH a bad mood after the Tribe just got hosed in Fenway, but oh well. All times Eastern Standard.

10:33-- Greg Popovich just told Michelle Tafoya they need to do a good job rebounding in the second half. Awesome.

10:34-- Deron Williams draws a foul on Bruce Bowen. Willams is OWNING Bowen in this series, doing things that Steve Nash couldn't do... this kid is going to be the next great point guard for sure. Lookforward to me stroking him all second half.

10:38- Andrei Kirilinko heading to the line, makes one of two. Don't feel bad for him though, he still gets one gal a year.

10:39- Willams to Carlos Boozer for a deuce... talk about the second coming of Stockton Malone, these two guys will single handedly keep Utah in the playoffs for the next 10 years

10:42- Refs make the correct call in awarding the ball to the Spurs. I tell you what, it seems to me that the refs this postseason in the NBA have really done a dencet job. The refs have stopped letting these crybabies walk all over them this year. Now I know they have had some rough calls in the Cavs- Pistons series, but I think that the refs are stating to assert themselves again for the first time in years.

10:44- Commercial time, and none of them will be Tyler Perry's House of Payne. Fantastic. I can't tell you how not funny that show looks and it hurts to watch the Cavs because of those commercials. You know it has to be bad when a cable network waits until the summer to give it a whirl.

10:48- Boozer just destroyed Tim Duncan and then dropped an 8 foot bunny on the other end. Man am I pissed he left Cleveland, but you have to respect the way the guy plays the game. May go down as the best pro player out of Duke, you just watch.

10:50: Marc Jackson just ruined the repay of the Boozer swat... I tried not to listen, but I think he threw in at least two "big fellas"

10:51-- There were just two awful comments, one by Mike Breen, the other by Jeff Van Gundy. Breen just said that Duncan likes to quiet a home crowd as the place was going NUTS... he then had to follow it up by correcting himself... then JVG just said that Stockton way will have to be re-named Stockton-Williams way, as if there is only one street in Utah.

10:59- End of the third, and Utah is back in this one. The ball is in Tony Parker's court in the fourth, because Williams is asserting himself as the best point guard in this game.

11:00- Katherine Heigl looks amazing in this movie "Knocked Up" how does the studio expect us to believe that the dude from the 40 year old version scored her? Not buying it. And theres no way he would be lucky enough to slip one past the goalie with her.

11:04- JVG: "This unit for Utah has to find some way to score the ball" I wonder why Houston fired him as thier head coach?

11:05- Jerry Sloan gets T'ed up... a delayed reaction to the Bryon Russel no-call I can only assume.

11:06- Matt Harpring hits a fader, he's also one heck of an engineer.

11:08- Can someone explain to me why Jacque Vaughn is in the game right now for the Spurs? You don't see the Cavs playing Scot Pollard right now. Come on, get serious... I'd rather play with four.

11:12- Commercial. We're getting dangerously close to Tim Duncan time. He's done it before, and he has about three or four more years left to do it. This Boozer-Duncan matchup is fun to watch, because both men think they can get it done against the other. The question is: can Boozer actually stare Tim Duncan down? Many of great caliber have tried, and very few have actually done it.

11:15- How bad does Mike Breen want to say "Oh boy! Oberto with the lay-in!"

11:17- Jazz are imploding because too many people who aren't Deron Williams are trying to make things happen. And as I type this, Williams makes a sweet dish to AK-47.Oh and by the way, is there a player other than john Salley that doesn't deserve his rings more than Derek Fisher? He has never been better than maybe a six on the talent scale. In fact, the only thing I can remember him doing is burying that floater with .4 left against the Spurs while he was a Laker. Thats the equivalent of the Dave Roberts steal for the Red Sox, except Fisher milked that play for three rings, not just one. Awful.

11:24- Duncan is owning Boozer, he is now shooting his fifth and sixth free throws of the quarter. I'll give it to this Utah crowd... they are still right in this game even though I am pretty much writing off thier teams chances.

11:25- Derek Fisher just fouled Manu Manu while shooting a three. Someone get Jerry buss on the phone, he needs to pry that ring off of his baby mama's finger.

11:26- Finally, Williams deciding to assert himself and take the ball ahrd to the lane. Marc Jackson just pointed out for probably the fifth time in two minutes that the Spurs are forcing Willams to make mistakes. We get it.

11:28- The Spurs are just so savvy, they know how to win games, they are simply asseting themselves on the offensive end, getting to the free throw line, and dominating on the boards.

11:29- Derek Fisher just got a technical. Wow, I mean when I'm right, I'm right.

11:31- Linda Cohn hosting the show tonight, looks like I'm going to HBO On Demand.

11:32- Jerry Sloan gets tossed from the game. Pretty ridiculous how the Spurs really are just owning the Jazz right now. You can say what you want about how all thier guys play dirty and how Tim Duncan's underratedness is overrated, but this team is calculating in their execution. I mean, Mehmet Okur just fouled Oberto with three ticks left to go on the shot clock. This right now is like being Keiser Soze and just watching everyone else go nuts around you while you remain cool and collected. The Spurs are Kevin Spacy right now.

11:37- Derek Fisher just got tossed! Did I really just do that to him?! He just dropped the coffee cup right now after he just saw that the blackboard was made in Skokie.

11:38- Ahhh those cute Mormons give us the old "refs you suck" chant. Gotta love the effort. Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

11:40- Michelle Tayfoya gets no post game interview as the Jazz fans are throwing "debris" on the court. We have a phrase for that in Clevelnad: third quarter.

Well, that's it! It was a good time doing my first live blog, and quite an experience watching the Spurs just own the fourth quarter. This series is essentially over, but Utah fans have a lot to look forward to with the Williams-Boozer combo. I'll catch you tomorrow with a little Cavs game four preview as only I could bring it to you.


The Chris Kopech said...

is there anyway blogger can let you have, idk, the first few updates and then have the conclusion "after the jump" a la deadspin? It was a good liveblog, just took up a lot of real estate (thus, pushing me down below the fold with no art, as they say in the papers)

The Chris Kopech said...

also, I'm removing Need4Sheed from the sidebar. Those guys are fucking retards.