Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Love Boobie

Daniel Gibson is the man.

I really don't have a ton to say about this Cavs game. I'm still pretty psyched up about the whole thing. Over at DetroitBadBoys the Pistons fans are bitching about the referees. I find this horribly amusing in light of Game 2.

Speaking of Game 2 and its national media backlash, I really get the feeling that there will be a Zach Zarba sighting in Game 5 in Auburn Hills. Who is Zach Zarba, you might ask? Only the rootin'-est, tootin'-est, home-team-hatin'-est referee in the NBA! Zarba's predilection against white jerseys isn't pure conjecture by a basketball observer who is overly obsessed with officiating in the Association, by the way; this is empirical fact according to the esteemed Pinnacle Sports book, the most highly respected offshore gambling outfit on these here internets, who have a fascinating listing of all NBA referees and the home team's record when they're in the grey jerseys on the court. Of all the refs who have officiated 50+ games in 06-07, only three zebras have been on the court for more home losses than home wins. Of those three, two (Jess Kersey and Mark Ayotte) have "home records" within 5 games of .500 (28-33 and 26-30, respectively) but Zarba... wow. When Zach Zarba is on the court the home team is a stunning 26-38 this season! And after the national media (that doesn't have an NBA television contract) CRUSHED NBA officiating for favoring home teams in the playoffs, don't be surprised to see Zarba's oil slick patrolling the sidelines at the Palace on Thursday night.

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