Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Uh-Oh Time in the Mistake by the Bigger Milake...

I sometimes love when two sports and their respective terminologies combine to describe what is happening in one of them. And yes, that was as confusing to type as I'm sure it was to read. Anyway, my favorite combines any sport with a series playoff format and tennis. We have a similar situation in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. So far, the home teams in the series have "held serve" (see what I did there?) and we go back to Detroit with the series tied at two apiece.
Now, I made a similar post after the Cavs fell into a 2-0 deficit early in this series, but I did not go, as some may falsely remember, so far as to count them down and out, I merely brought about a few points of order that would help LeBron and Co. maybe turn this series around, or at least get into it. The major thing was that it had to be LeBron and then the Company around him. So far, though that point is tremendously obvious, that has happened and, thus, the 2-2 tie. But the biggest surprise has been, as Teeple mentioned, the surge of Daniel Gibson. LeBron has ben the difference maker in this series (and the Cavs don't get beat in these playoffs when he goes over 20) but Gibson has played way above his head, eating up minutes, score clutch baskets and befuddling Detroit and his efforts haven't been ignored. From

"Daniel Gibson looks like he's taking lessons form Varejoke. The kid went
12-for-12 from the line, but you have to give it up for him, he's playing

Now, I'm sure the editors over there meant that he was taking lessongs "from" Varejoke, but spelling aside, they're correct.

"Where is the urgency in the Pistons?" and "The Pistons still look out of there
element in this series."

Two very good quotes from as well. Watch highlights of the game and you'll see uncontested layups by LeBron and unguarded jump shots by Gibson and Z. Rasheed Wallace often gets credit for his never-shut mouth and his tenacity on the court, but he and I had at least one thing in common last night: we both physically watched LeBron James pick the defense apart.

Aside: does anyone think that Rasheed has been both very quiet and very dormant during this series? The dunk over him in game 3 is one thing, but to literally stand around and watch LeBron James bob and weave toward a wide-open shot or dunk is pathetic, especially for a player of his caliber.

The Pistons are famous for playing opossum in the playoffs from time to time (see: Bulls series, games four and five) and at some point, against a good team, this could be their downfall. These Cavs are a good team. They have a fire in their eyes (look at LeBron after he hit the sick fade away in the second half, or Gibson after he hit his jumper while being hacked to death by the Pistons) that very closely resembles that of last year. Last night was impressive.

But this is still Detroit, they're still a very gifted team (...of old, lazy cheating has beens) and have the potential to win a three-game series with two of said games in their backyard. But now, at least in the eyes of Detroit fans, they know that to advance to the Finals, they'll need to go through a team that is certainly beginning to find itself on defense, offense and everywhere in between.

And another thing: please, dear God, kill Tyler Perry six months ago so that we never have to hear about his new show ever again.

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