Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Morning After on TSE - 7.3.2007

The Ghost is just that this morning, so I'll be providing your Morning After goodness here today... which in and of itself is pretty amusing granted I'm hosting the show of same name at the same time.

Anyway, Yi Jianlian is kind of a dick.

His "people" are kind of dicks too, when you think about it. I really can't get down with their insisting that Yi go to a city with what they consider to be a strong Asian-American population. First of all, what constitutes a strong population? Straight numbers? Percentages? Density? It's pretty subjective, if you ask me. Presuming Yi was, at the absolute worst, a top 9 pick, let's take a look at the percentage of Asian-Americans (according to 2005 census estimates) in the cities with picks 3-9 in the draft, since it was nigh-impossible for Yi to be selected by Portland or Seattle:
  • Atlanta - 2.93%
  • Memphis - 1.46%
  • Boston - 7.52%
  • Milwaukee - 3.60%
  • Minneapolis - 5.80%
  • Charlotte - 3.41%
  • Chicago - 4.33%
What were they expecting at this segment of the draft, really? None of these cities, save for MAYBE Boston (who traded their pick anyway), have what many would consider a "strong Asian-American population." Look, if they didn't want to go to Milwaukee or Charlotte or something, just say, "We don't want to go to Milwaukee or Charlotte."

But now what? Is he going to hold out? I don't ever remember anyone even threatening to do so to force a trade except for maybe Steve Francis with the Grizz. Do Yi's people really want their guy to be regarded, attitude-wise, as a 7'0" Steve Francis? Probably not.

Look, Yi, you wanted to to be in the NBA, so you've got to follow the rules for getting in at age 19. If you want to be able to pick and choose what teams can sign you, go play in China for a few years and come over as a free agent once Milwaukee's rights to you expire. In lieu of that, quit feigning sadness and sign on the dotted line with the Bucks.

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