Monday, July 09, 2007

Baseball's Summer Blockbusters and Bombs Part 1

It is officially one of the two slowest sports days of the summer (Wednesday will be worse, promise), so let's take the time allotted by the sports gods to compare 2007 MLB teams by division to movies released this summer.

A.L. East

1st place -- Boston Red Sox

I haven't seen a better team so far this summer; they're solid top to bottom. They have a strong Japanese influence and sit atop the standings on July 9th.

The Red Sox are...


2nd place -- Toronto Blue Jays

You probably haven't seen them, but they speak well of Canada.

The Blue Jays are...


3rd place -- New York Yankees

Sure, they have an All-Star lineup, but this act is starting to get a bit tired. Thanks to past success they still make tons of money, but so far they have been a massive disappointment on the field.

The Yankees are...

Spiderman 3

4th place -- Baltimore Orioles

One big name and some up and coming talent... but in the end this team is still pretty bad. I don't really have any interest in ever watching them play.

The Orioles are...

Mr. Brooks

5th place -- Tampa Bay Devil Rays

This team flat-out sucks. Noone goes to see them and not without good reason. Their biggest star has had numerous legal run-ins and the rest of the cast is not much to look at.

The Devil Rays are...

Georgia Rule


Ghost of Carl Monday said...

i'd still nail felicity huffman twice a day and five or six times while watching trans-america/Sports Night DVDs.

Anonymous said...

Agreed on Felicity Huffman. I choose to give her the benefit of the doubt and selectively forget that she was in that abomination.