Friday, May 25, 2007

Uh-Oh Time in the Mistake by the Milake

I have watched zero minutes of the NBA's Eastern Conference Finals series between the Cavs and the Pistons. This is due, mainly, to the fact that I am broke, have no cable and usually drift off to sleep around 11:30, drug-induced or "Frasier" rerun-induced (where would we be without broadcast television). That said, I find it fitting that the game was on TNT last last night and was the lead in for either of the two shows that network airs. If I may...

Without a Trace
The way in which the Cavs and, from an outsider standpoint, having seen nary a minute of this series, the way in which LeBron James, God in Nikes, has disappeared in this series.

And, of course...

Cold Case
The only way to describe the whereabouts of the fire that the Cavs had last year during their playoff run.

There was something so refreshing about last year's Eastern Conference Semis, in that the Pistons, heavy favorites though they were, had to claw back into the series because LBJ and a bunch of other Cavs decided to take them for a ride through seven games. The Pistons eventually won, as raSHEED predicted, but not without winning back-to-back elimination games. But has a team ever looked as physically or emotionally dead as the Cavs in this years playoffs? The beat the Hibachi-less Wizards in four uninspiring games, had to win in NJ to beat the Nets in six, and about probably going to lose this series in sweeping fashion.

LeBron James needs to wake his team up and the best way to do it is to wake himself up. 19-7-6 are great regular season numbers. These are the playoffs, as Ari Gold has reminded us countless times in the commercials. If the best young talent in the NBA, the manchild the Cavs need to lead the team, can't get over 20 in the playoffs then I doubt that team will have much of a shot. Especially with the current supporting cast around him.

The series resumes on Sunday in Cleveland and some people say that a series isn't over until you win on the road. LeBron James better prove those people right, or this series it's going to be over and we will all be back to Without a Trace reruns on TNT faster than you can say Anthony LaPaglia.

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