Friday, May 25, 2007

Meanwhile, in the Real World...

I work in an office where I get paid to write blog entries and check my e-mail enter judgements into computers for 8 hours a day. It's good work, and I appreciate it, if only for the paycheck that ultimately fuel my insatiable Private Dancer addiction. But I digress; what follows is a list of people who have funny names and are stupid enough to try and evade both the G-Men at the State of Ohio Department of Taxation and myself. That said, here is the (ongoing) Top However Many Names Filed while working...wherever it is I work. I'll try to keep these sports-related, but some are just too good not to mention.

Here we go.

1. James Dickhaus
That name is Legen...wait for it...and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the last part is...dary.

2. Butz Hacker Company, Incorporated.
Where the Employee of the Month gets more than just a parking space...

3. William Hanrahan
I have it on good authority that his wife's a dyke. Any Slap Shot fans out there?

4. Gary A. and Roberta D Coon
Before anyone asks, they aren't on this list because their last name may or may not be a racial slur. They are here because they represent case no. ###69, which is funny because I have the maturity of a 4th grader and I still laugh at that number and add "that's what she said" to wherever appropriate.

5. Kheire K. Khatab
I'm treading on the lines of racism, again, I know, but that's never a good set of initials to have. Ever.

6. Porta John Corporation
Not really that funny, but I bet they think the $47,220.51 sales tax lien against them is full of shit*.

*that's a terrible pun, even for me

More to come...

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