Friday, May 25, 2007

Wraping it up...

"Do you wanna dance?

With you?

No...With my father?

I'm Roger.

They call me...they call me...Mimi"


I'm in no way against drunken voice mails at the wee hours of the morning (just ask your ex-girlfriend - HEY-OHHHHHHHH) but I am rather perplexed by one I received last night. It was from fellow sports elitist JTBI who called me while singing a song from the mid 90s musical "Rent". The lyrics are above. And it wasn't one of the better-known songs, like "Seasons of Love" or "What you Own" (which everyone knows, admit it or not). It was from the song, "Would you Light my Candle". I would have assumed he would have sent me a VM of him singing "We Built This City" or maybe a bar from Phil Collins's immortal classic, "Easy Lover", but a rather obscure song from "Rent"? Your best guess.

Anyway, here are some links to finish our day:

  •'s Cultural Oddsmaker

While this isn't the current Oddsmaker (I get the feeling AJ Daulerio is swimming in a pool of his own [insert bodily fluid here] as we speak, hence no update this week yet) last week's was a gem.

  • A "tribute" to ESPN Classic

Future Considerations watched ESPN Classic and found nothing (save for American Gladiators, naturally) classic at all.

  • Dan Shanoff's new blog

While I really don't like Dan Shanoff too much, this is an interesting blog and may be promising enough to merit my time while I'm at work.

  • Cheerleader of the Week on KSK

This is by far the best football blog out there due, mainly, to their lack of football-related posts and the incredibly good use of foul language and storytelling, in that order. This is pretty funny, but then again, the whole blog is. Read on.

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