Monday, April 02, 2007

The NCAA Fails. So hard.

Look, I'm not mad OSU lost. Horribly disappointed that they kept shooting threes in the second half well after it was readily apparent they weren't able to, but holy jumpin', credit Florida. They hit indefensible shot after indefensible shot and just never let OSU get close. As an Ohio State fan at heart, I hate to say it... but... big ups to the champs.


Look, I don't purport to know what's going on in other peoples' heads, in fact I am usually WAY off -- just ask any of my ex-girlfriends. But this fine evening I think I got a glimpse at the true nature of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. What did said glimpse reveal to me?


They really do. They do love your money, though.

You may not realize what I am referring to, but I am indeed referencing my favorite three minutes in all sports, One Shining Moment. I don't know if you all caught it, but Greg Gumbel just promoted the NCAA SELLING the video for One Shining Moment tomorrow on iTunes. You heard me. SELLING ONE SHINING MOMENT. That is absolute blasphemy. I am simply outraged. The NCAA, already oblivious to how archaic the notion of "amateur athleticism" is, has just absolutely lost touch with reality. They are attempting to make a cheap buck off what has for 20 years been literally the pinnacle of live sports broadcasting.

I, for one, will not stand for it.

In that spirit, I urge absolutely EVERYONE--even Florida fans who want the video on their iPods--to boycott the sale of One Shining Moment on iTunes. CBS has had such a close relationship wih YouTube to this point, I find it unconscionable that they would now shun the peoples' video resource for a pay service. It is my sincerest hope that if/when One Shining Moment finds its way to YouTube that CBS uses its head and doesn't have it pulled down within 24 hours. College basketball fans everywhere deserve to be able to watch sports' finest three minutes whenever they want, free of charge.

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