Friday, June 22, 2007

We're not called "Team America" for nothing.

Apparently there was a soccer game in Chicago last night featuring Team America (World Police...Fuck Yeah!) and our least favorite step-sister, the Canadians. America won (fuck yeah, again!) by the final of 2-1, the soccer equivalent to a 48-35 NFL final, but not without a bit of drama at the end.

Canada thought it was a goal. The Americans said it was offside. Fortunately for the Americans, the linesman and referee agreed with them. Canada had a goal in the final minute of stoppage time waved off Thursday night, preserving the Americans' 2-1 victory and their spot in the CONCACAF Gold Cup final.
The Canadians seem to be undeniably pissed about the call. Out of Left Field has the best headline and the most worthless story about it, and they very well may be right. But seeing as I'm at work and can't watch youtube here, I can't say for certain if the call was blown or not. Personally I doubt it. I don't see how anyone can argue a call based on a rule that has it's own really long wikipedia page.

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