Friday, September 21, 2007

It's Always Sunny on TSE - "The Gang Picks the Weekend"

I love this show.

Anyway, here are selected picks, or Locks 'o' the Week as I am wont to call them (home teams in bold):

Baltimore (-8) over Arizona
Baltimore may only score 9 points, but that will be enough to cover.

Carolina (-4) over Atlanta
You can take the dog out of the fight, but you can't take the...wait, too easy. Atlanta is awfully woeful this year and Steve Smith is all-world. Blowout in the dome.

Dallas (+3) over Chicago
I really like Dallas to run away with the NFC. They'll beat Chicago to prove it. Also, Tony Romo is on my fantasy team and I'm 2-0.

Indy (-6) over Houston
Hi, Houston. I'm earth - welcome back down to me.

New England (-16.5!!!!!) over Buffalo.
Yes, Buffalo is awful, and no, one should never EVER bet a cover over 10 points. But New England is ridiculous and Buffalo, much like Kevin Everett, is barely moving. Too soon?

Pittsburgh (-8.5) over San Francisco.
The Steelers have snacked on the likes of the Brownies (who are not a good team) and the Bills (see above). Big Ben is back and that Defense is fo' real.

Seattle (3.5) over Cincinnati
Here's my math on this one: Shaun Alexander + the Bengal run D = bad week for Cincinnati. The Bungles are back, baby.

New Orleans (-4) over Tennessee on MNF
The last time the Saints played a somewhat meaningful game on Monday night, they beat the living shit out of the Falcons. Vince Young will be good (2-0 in fantasy, baby!) but NO will cover the four they're getting.

Remember, this is all for fun and by no means for realz. Betting is bad, addiction is even worse. If you have a problem get help, or whatever. If not, take these bets to the guy at the bar who looks like John Candy and get ready to collect or get your thumbs broken on Tuesday.  College picks later today.

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