Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Think I'm In Love

From today's ESPN Ombudsman article:
I wish ESPN would consider adding to its lineup a crisp, half-hour, nightly news version of SportsCenter -- just news and highlights, without gimmicks or sponsored segments or recaps, without self- or cross-promotion, with a consistent anchor team accountable for a consistent tone, with spare to no use of instant commentary. A prime-time island of clean, clear, straightforward news on which ESPN's journalistic credibility could securely rest.

Le Anne Schreiber, will you marry me?


twins15 said...

Well, isn't that kinda what ESPNews is?

Anonymous said...

Certainly, but Schreiber raised a couple valid points in regard to that argument:

1- ESPNews is not the ESPN sports 'journalism' flagship of the family of networks.
2- Not everyone's cable package includes ESPNews.