Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Something After on TSE - 7.17.2007

I am not against scratching my own back or the back of another when the situation merits. And here at TSE, all of us are at our best when we're complementing ourselves. Which is why I am going to take this post to congratulate (or h/t, to use the parlance of the blogosphere) JTBI, wait, scratch that, Jed DeMuesy (the strapping young gent pictured above, in the center) who last night became the newest member of the world of sports media. That's right, friends, only two months out of college and he's the Sports Director up in Marquette, Michigan. Whether or not he'll have time to be a Sports Elitist is still in the air, so enjoy him here while you can. Lord knows Seaward and I will.

Anyway, for the readers and for JTBI, I think we would all do well to learn about the wondrous city of Marquette, Michigan. Some fun facts:

- Marquette was founded originally by Amos Harlow, who originally named the city Worchester, after the city of the same name in Massachusetts. COOL!!

- The Marquette General Hospital serves most of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. NEAT!
(GoCM: wait, this is in the fucking Upper Peninsula?)

- On the sports side of things, Marquette is the site of the world's second largest man-made dome, the Superior Dome, named both for the lake and it's vast size*. SPIFFY!!!

- Marquette is home to the GLIAC (Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference) powerhouse Northern Michigan University. WILDCAT-TASTIC**!

- Robert Tarver's immortal 1958 classic*, "Anatomy of a Murder" is set in Marquette, Michigan. AWESOME!!

- Marquette is also 308 miles away from all the JTBI-haters in Madison, Wisconsin. FUN!!!

As you can see, JTBI will be bringing the noise to a place in desperate need of it.* Congratulations to the man, the myth and the legend from the rest of us at TSE.

**I am heretofore trademarking this phrase. JTBI - you may use this during newscasts for a nominal (read: large) royalty fee. You're welcome.

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