Wednesday, February 22, 2006


There has been a lot about hockey in the last few posts (thanks to Jed for some golf) but a few somethings must be said for Team USA.

They suck.

This is a talented squad of NHLers who are very good hockey players in all of their own rights. But as a team, they were nothing. They sucked even in their lone win against Kazakhstan. Miami's hockey team (#3 on this side of the pond) could have beaten the Americans over there.

They're old.

Your top two defensemen were in their teens when America won gold in Lake Placid. We're talking 40+. The forwards, too, were old (Mike Modano over 35, Tkatchuk as well, among others). The international game is bigger, faster and better and the Americans were too busy pulling up their Depends to chase after the younger, quicker talent from everywhere else in the world.

They're done.

We all know (if you follow hockey) that a lot of these guys were on the 1996 World Cup Championship team but that was 10 bloody years ago. The thought was to give some of these boys one more shot at glory, and after silver in Salt Lake, who could blame the organizers. If no one else will, I'm fine doing it. Look at the rosters of the other teams. Rick Nash (21 years of age) on Canada with Syd the Kid (younger still). Alexander Ovechkin (under 22) for the Russians. Jussi Jokinen for the Fins. Across the globe, rosters filled with twentysomethings, not thirty/fortysomethings. These guys were good and now their reign as America's team is over.

At least Canada lost, otherwise this would be the most disapointing tourney in olympic history.


Anonymous said...


You won't be disappointed if the snoozefest Finnish team wins?

Erik Mann said...

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